Zaynab March Lebanon 2021

Hi Peter, I’m Zaynab. I joined you at clubhouse today. I wanted to thank you alot for all the strength you instilled in me. You taught me what life really is in a few hours and this is the most precious gift a person could ever have. You opened for me the door to the road of greatness and freedom, and I feel so grateful for that. It was a fruitful meeting. I’m looking forward to listen more to your advices and learn from you alot. Thank you for being a good friend ✨

Araity Cavani: Sweden March, 2021

Tomorrow starts another week, and I am excited for everything to come!

My awakening, my life and my opportunities. The power to change my life is in my hands. 

I feel hope about my mental health, I really want to heal and feel complete. I Will be and Im working ON my life now 🧡

Yes. I want to invest a small amount of money to make passive income while I study and can help others struggling and wasting their life because of not hearing and integrating the right words, the right stories and the right knowledge.

Dave Gibson UK March 2021

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the defining hours of my life was listening to Peter’s vision of a vegan diet . For me it will now be the only way forward now that I am fully aware and taking responsibility for my health

Peter also turned around my fear of death by enabling me to become aware of my purpose and inner self

…Looking forward to it too! At some point I have  to trust , even though in its nature this trust is outside of my comfort zone and super natural, I am at last realising that I have been given the gift of life on earth  

Ase Shawnte March 2021 from clubhouse

You are an awesome host. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and allowing us to find one another so that we can share our hurt and feel safe while doing so. Tonight was truly inspirational and powerful. I learned a lot and it gave me insight on how I need to move forward with obtaining my goals. You are a blessing. I look forward to future meetings.