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Our Story

FREEDOMLANDⓇ. was created by Peter Wainberg as a place for people to go to learn about what is most important to them in their lives … their FREEDOM.

While working on creating a personal mission statement during the summer of 2013 in search a new career, he discovered a question from Franklin Covey that was the game changer to his life.

Life’s Question

“What is it that you would DO in your life if you had all the time and money in the world to serve humanity?”

We believe is “Education”. Our passion for teaching and coaching started when I became a tennis pro at the age of 16. I always preferred to teach rather than play the game, my entire life, although I never really understood why, until July 2013 when I realized that this was truly my life’s passion!

I Discovered that we should be awakened to what’s most important to us- our life, our liberty, and our happiness.”

Open your eyes, activate your mind, and create an awareness of what matters most to you outside of your daily routine”.

– Peter Wainberg