Peter Wainberg – Author, Speaker, Life Strategy Coach, Entertainer, Investor

While working on creating a personal mission statement during the summer of 2013 in search of a new career, Peter Wainberg discovered a question from Franklin Covey that was the game changer of his life.

“What is it that you would DO in your life if you had all the time and money in the world to serve humanity?”

Mr. Wainberg’s immediate response was, “Education”. His passion for teaching and coaching started when he became a tennis pro at the age of 16. He always preferred to teach rather than play the game his entire life, although he never really understood why until July 2013 (40 years later) when he realized that this was truly his life’s passion!

He had no idea that at the time. He experienced an incredible AWAKENING about what he really wanted to DO in his life, a far cry from corporate and professional life as a chartered accountant.

When he looks back at his life, he realizes that most of his adult life struggles resulted from a critical GAP in the school system between graduation and adulthood which he calls the “education gap”.

What are these missing EDUCATION GAP skills?
Life Management


Finance Management

Business Management


Life, Liberty & Happiness

Peter Wainberg created FREEDOMLANDTM in July 2013 as a place for people to go to learn about what is most important to them in their lives. FREEDOM is one of the most important components of the education gap skills.

While experiencing his life struggles, he was continuously looking for someone or some organization that could help. He trained with a CEO business group for 10 years (2002–2012), receiving an unbelievable “life” education. He felt extremely lucky to be part of this group and was in search of a way to give back, to share this incredible knowledge base with others.

On October 12, 2016, Mr. Wainberg was shocked to discover that he was born with congenital heart disease and needed urgent surgery to replace his aortic heart valve due to severe stenosis. He did experience regular feelings of angina for three years prior but ignored them. He quickly realized that he had no knowledge of heart disease or prevention. He was asleep for such a long time and concluded that the secret to life is “awakening”, (creating an awareness about heart disease) and so he decided to add it to his book title.

His upcoming book entitled AWAKENING to Life, Liberty, and Happiness: The 10-Word Puzzle (summer 2018) explains how he transformed his life. He went from being severely depressed to now living a happy and fulfilled life, full of meaning and purpose. He accomplished this in a relatively short time—a few months.

The book is his way of giving back, of sharing the tools he used to dramatically and effectively improve his life. He hopes that it does the same for you. He has called upon the expertise of many who have gone before. Their wisdom has inspired him to inspire you too!

The book has a big vision. It’s all about helping you to quickly and easily transform your life. It is never too late to start changing your life regardless of your past or current situation. Start over and live an incredible new life. I did it at 53 years old. Don’t give up, ever!

“Whatever time I have left on this planet, I am going to devote to a life of meaning & purpose.”

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